Whats taking so looooong?!?

Well we finished recording vocals and the final pieces of electronic mayhem in June and all that good stuff has already been mixed and processed by Jonas Haagensen at Hansen Studios. The test mixes we received blew us away - 50 minutes of face melting goodness exceeding our wildest expectations!

We went to Ribe to sit down with Jonas and fix the final details. But ... in the meantime a strange uncomforting sense had crawled under our skin - something seemed wrong! When we wrote material for the record we didn't really know what it was going to sound like until its done. The vibe and expression from the tracks and the record as a whole compiles in the end, and you just have to hope everything will sound and feel the way it was intended. The sound is definitely there but something is missing.

The good news is that we have identified the issues - we reviewed the entire record and we'll make the necessary changes to make this record stand out and be all we (and hopefully you) want it to be, and blow us completely away.

So this is how the timeline looks like from now on: The current finalizing of the record is going to take two months. Until then our management is searching for the right label and contract.

We are looking forward to deliver more exciting news soon, until then, have a great summer! And thank you all cool people for being patient with us!

The Interbeing
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Fuck yeah!! Management deal is signed. We will be teaming up with the progressive @prime_collectivedk with the powerhouse Mirza whipping the industry. Now its time for world domination.
#primecollective #takeover
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